Something new…

So I thought I’d try out this phenomenon called “blogging”. I will confess up front that I do not yet know what I am doing, but I can promise you this… I will learn.  I have always loved writing and been pretty damn good at it. However, in reading some other blogs, I think, no… I know … I have met my match. When doing this blogging journey, I am going to try really hard to emulate two writers of today that I truly respect.

One is my son. He is amazing. I am not saying that just because I gave birth to him, but because it is true. He has such a good heart and treats people with kindness and respect…whether or not they deserve it. On top of his great characteristics as a human being, he is also an amazing writer. When I read his blogs, I am usually blown away by his style, his ability to truly articulate, and his grammar. I am one proud momma. AND… being a Grammar Nazi, he makes me very proud in this arena as well.

The other is an old friend who writes under the pseudonym Professor Taboo. I have been following his blogs for the past few months and have been thoroughly impressed by, not only his writing style, but how he can truly paint a picture with his words. I do believe he has missed his calling. Although he has an admirable vocation – he is a school teacher – I believe he should moonlight as an author. He can pick any genre and be right at home. His works are some of the best I’ve read. In fact, I dare many a paid journalist to compare themselves to this master of words.

That leaves me here… at the beginning of a journey. I will start my journey, after this blog, with random thoughts that I have on my drive into work. They may never be read by another set of eyes other than my own, but I am going to give it a try. After all, who wouldn’t want their thoughts/musing/insights to be shared with anyone else who will listen/read? So… awayyyy we go! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Something new…

    1. It is a fact that I have no problem sharing. As we’ve previously discussed, there is a specific genre upon which you should write a book. I hope you will consider doing so! 😉


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