This was too good not to share. I am not sure how I would have handled the situation, but I am pretty sure it would not have been as perfect as he did!

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At a restaurant eating at the bar and things are going well. What that means is I have food and beer within arms reach. There’s no seat beside me because someone took it to use at the other end of the bar. More room for me. After a while a girl brings a chair over and another girl stands next to it. I pay little attention to them until standing girl starts using my chair as a foot rest and leaning apparatus.

Truth be told that’s not what got my attention. It made me aware she was there but my attention was turned when I heard a sentence that sounded amazingly like,

“Like I was talking to like my mother like and she like got so pissed like because like she’s like that.”

That’s a third of a sentence I surely didn’t like.

Please believe me when I say the…

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