Short, but sweet nevertheless

In my part of the world (Florida, west coast), the moon was full and oh so very bright. So bright that it made me think of howling werewolves; therefore, I set out to find a werewolf movie to watch. Netflix let me down. I had to settle for a Stephen King movie. But, that was was okay.

The next morning, I was fortunate enough to stumble across this elegant short poem by H. Lawrence entitled “Aware”.  That evening the full moon was out again, even more gloriously bright than the night before. This poem allowed me to view our beautiful moon through different eyes, so to speak, and come away enthralled by her beauty. Enjoy:

Slowly the moon is rising out of the ruddy haze,

Divesting herself of her golden shift, and so

Emerging white and exquisite; and I in amaze

See in the sky before me, a woman I did not know

I loved, but there she goes and her beauty hurts my heart;

I follow her down the night, begging her not to depart.

Aware – by H. Lawrence.


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