Of life and love

A beautiful person (former soldier and firefighter) recently said to me the most profound thing: “I would die for anyone, but I want to live for you.”

How does one adequately respond to such loving words?

Being rendered speechless – the only way I knew how – with tears and a kiss.

Love life



12 thoughts on “Of life and love

  1. You are loved, and what a perfect way of letting it be known to you. I have myself, and have had in the past, that feeling expressed by your lover to you, in regard to one other currently and one having passed away. It is a rare thing.

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    1. Thank you, belasbrightideas. I appreciate your thoughtful comment and wholeheartedly agree. Also, thank you for the compliment on the photo. I took that a couple of months ago at nearby Indian Rocks beach in Florida.

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  2. What I intended to say earlier was that you are beautiful. Deeds not words carry the real message; I saw your eyes and knew you got the message like I intended it. I have a hard time communicating my thoughts at times but I seldom have a hard time interpreting body language and other non verbal signs in others around me. I can say anything but without deeds attached to those words they mean nothing to me. Words can be meaningful, deceitful, powerful and many others thing at one time but close quarters emotion is where the real communications take place. Very few people can hide their body language and most of the ones that try are not good at it. Seldom do we get to communicate at a very deep level with anyone but it seems that me and you are getting better every day. I love you! (Saul)

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