Misunderstanding Love…

I wish there was a way to get “young” people to understand this. Hell, even some “adults” that I know should seriously try to grasp this concept. LOVE is not just making the heart skip beats, a never-ending warmth and mushy feeling inside. I appreciate how this poem sets forth that love accepts the good and the bad, it is not always going to be sunshine and rainbows, there will be flaws, storms. And, let’s face it… don’t you have to get through a storm/rain in order to see and enjoy a rainbow anyway?  When you really love, it is not supposed to be great ALL the time. Why should one expect that you’re supposed be in a constant euphoric state?

Here Russell says that, “Not like a rocket, which, with savage glare, Whirrs suddenly up, then bursts, and leaves the night,  Painfully quivering on the dazed eyes,” but rather love GIVES and takes and SEES flaws and despite it all it becomes “new and fresh each hour.” To really love, I think we should embrace all that comes with it. If we don’t have the “downs” with the “ups”, there is no refreshing. You either crash and burn out or just get stagnate, neither of which encourages growth.

This is a beautiful poem. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:





4 thoughts on “Misunderstanding Love…

  1. Could not agree more with your post Lonestar. “Love” by Western civilization’s standards and definition is something even a 3rd grader would struggle to understand! As I just recently posted in my final part of the Untapped Worlds series… Love has AT LEAST 6 different forms, if not more, compersion being an alien concept still to Western cultures.

    A fine post and subject Lonestar. Thank you! ❤

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  2. I went back and read the poem baby and it is left brain stuff, I did not get it like yall do. But your intro touched something near and dear. “You either crash and burn out or just get stagnate, neither of which encourages growth”. Stagnation is death and it only encourages decay. The crash and burn part in my life and others around me has served well to encourage a lot of growth. When one crashes and burns it is painful, many of the most important lessons in my life were taught during a painful encounter (crash). I do feel that the poem touches on that and we spoke about this last night. When you walk through life with someone and you enter into those “bad places” it is great to have someone stand next to you on the firing line. I mean that from an emotional and physical stand point. People that have stood next to me and not abandoned me during a fight for our lives or an emotional crap storm, have earned my respect and loyalty.
    Those emotional crap storms are much easier to face without a lot fear when you are positive that the lover standing next to you “is down for the fight”. When my friends and loves stand next to me it causes a synergistic effect in both my physical and emotional courage. FYI physical courage is the easy part, the emotional storm is what causes the real deep fear. When you are busy fighting for your life you only have time to feel the pain and fear before or after the fight, not so with the emotional storm. The emotional storm allows you to feel every bit of the pain and fear before, during and after. Now the payoff, when you come through those bad places and you can take a deep breath and smile at the person next to you and never have to say a word, that is when it gets great. When you have that connection with each other that was forged by trial, no one can ever occupy that emotional space unless they have been there and done that with you. I think that is what the poem means to me. Life gets real good when you have a deep emotional bond that weathers storms.

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