Other bloggers, I’m sure, can appreciate the frustration when you desperately want to write, but the words just will not come. But in this instance, I think Anthony did one hell of a job with his words – no blockage here. 

The Frustration Game

Here is an attempt: I just finished a glass of wine. As the last of the wine trickled over my taste buds I saw it, the symphony of residue. The sediment, the last bit of liquid, swirling together in a ballad of courting. Shy, yet intrigued. Timid, yet vigorous. Particles of red kaleidoscoping into psychedelic visionscape. Whirlpooling slowly, deliberately, downward. 

To that though, there is so much more. It commands serious thought. It resonates through time itself. Demanding to be seen, better yet, to be read. I am its outlet and I am here to tell its story! But, I am incapable. 

Or maybe, just maybe. A wave is just a wave. Water cascading upon itself as it makes its ultimate journey to the shore. Reaching, reaching upon the sand. Extending its grasp, stretching further to continue its existence. Only to dissipate, and retreat. Thwarted. 

A wave. Just a wave. Nothing else. That is a thought that I truly cannot endure. 

My hope. My salvation. Will be the words. I see them. Pleading to be released. 

You should really stop by and read his work. I think it would be great encouragement and help unblock the blockage. 🙂 Please visit: to offer your words of encouragement – from one blogger to another.



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