Dear GOP: We Can’t Save You If You Won’t Save Yourself

Source: Dear GOP: We Can’t Save You If You Won’t Save Yourself


3 thoughts on “Dear GOP: We Can’t Save You If You Won’t Save Yourself

  1. What a great piece, articulate and amusing too. Who needs Science Fiction dystopias when so much of the electorate is keen to create a real one? The mainstream media is full of Trump over here in England, even though no one – myself included – has the faintest idea how the labyrinthine and interminable U.S. electoral process works. Serious question: would it really make much difference if it were Hillary or Trump in The White House? By the way, how do you wish to be referred to – ‘LSL’, or the long form perhaps?

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  2. Hariod, I really have no preference, either reference is fine. 🙂

    As for the Serious question, and just IMHO, yes, it matters.

    Our system needs checks and balances. If a Republican, be it Trump or whoever, gets in office and we have a Republican Congress, then everything will be lopsided. That party will run amok. There will be no one to intervene and halt their one-sided agendas. If you get a Democrat in office, be it Clinton or Sanders, then you have the balance and no one particular party will have the reins to run as they please.

    I am not a devotee of either party. I can actually think for myself, so I am independent in my voting preferences. 😉 Since I do not need to be spoonfed my opinions, I choose not to align myself with one or the other. However, I can tell you adamantly that I want polar opposites in both the White House and Congress. With a one-sided Executive, Legislative and, potentially, Judicial system, our country will not fare well. :/ Sad, but true.


  3. Hariod, to add to the above: Ideally we would be fortunate enough to have either the House of Representatives or the Senate of one particular party, thereby adding a balance there. But I don’t see that happening, I think they both will be Republican. So, if we had a balance in the congressional houses, then it would not really matter who was elected into the position of President – there will be stonewalling aplenty. :). Again, just my opinion.


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